Ideas and ideas for decorating your living room thanks to Cube3

The vital center of your home is your living room-it is the room that welcomes everyone who crosses the threshold. It is the room where we spend most of our free time, representing us and growing with us, watching every change in our habits and family.
The best way to personalize the ‘home environment is through the choice of furniture that is attentive to our needs and close to our tastes.
Lending personality in such an important environment can be a challenge for several reasons. Compared with other rooms in the house, it tends to be larger in size, and this can create difficulties in the layout and choice of ‘furniture. In addition, it is increasingly important to best coordinate elegance and functionality in an environment that reflects the character of the person living there. Therefore, here are four simple ground rules to avoid style mistakes and maximize organizational creativity without sacrificing functionality.

1. Focuses attention on spaces

To furnish with elegance and practical sense, it is important to take precise measurements of the space and harmonize the elements so as to balance the dimensions. It is advisable to start by including the largest and most distinctive elements, using particular colors, and then proceed with the less bulky ones. At this stage, it is important to have harmonious and functional furniture elements from the point of view of space and style to follow; Cube3 responds to these needs by proposing the HyperCube system, which thanks to its minimal line is capable of adapting to any interior design style through the functionality of the modular structure and the possibility of customizing colors and finishes.

2. Define the most important part of the room and make the most of it

It is crucial to identify the prominent element within your living room: it could be a fireplace, a large painting or a sofa with an unusual line or color. All these elements capture attention and become the stars of the room by talking about you and your idea of home. Once you have found your focus point, you can start furnishing the room and define its style starting from this very element, which will also have to be enhanced with the choice of the next modules: Cube3 is the ideal solution as it offers a wide range of products, from coffee tables to sideboards and high tables, to provide additional support solutions to contain all your passions.

3. Pay attention to lighting

Light, within a room, has the ability to completely transform the environment, and that is why it is often never enough: it can make any room more welcoming when it is warm and comfortable, as happens in artificial light spots, and enriches it with lightness and airiness when it is natural. When defining which lamps to include in a room, it is important to respect the balance of volume and available space, perhaps maintaining the style and palette chosen earlier. If there are large windows or stained glass windows, it is essential not to cover natural light with overly bulky decorative elements. That’s why Cube3 is the best solution when you want to create large storage spaces or bookcases while maintaining the brightness of the room: the thin metal structure allows stability without covering the space with obscuring elements.

4. Choose the style and palette to follow

After defining the light points, spaces and point of interest in the room, you need to develop the rest of the room by selecting the style that best suits your personality. Modern, classic, urban, contemporary or traditional, each style is marked by elements and decorations that set it apart and tell who you are. Combining a color palette to create from elements you already have, combining different materials and textures can lead to the right mix that tells your story and makes the space your home. It will also be the basis for choosing the other furniture elements, textiles, and decorations that can also be included later. Thanks to the different finishes available for Cube3’s structures and the different materials in which the top is offered, it is easy to choose your perfect combination with numerous advantages; such as the ability to revise the layout of the compositions at any time or to change the material of the top according to your preferences.