about us

Cube3 is intended to be a fusion between the high quality of italian craftmanship and the unmistakable and modern style born of collaborations with young designers

Cube3’s aim is to design modern and innovative products. The armony of the shapes and the nature of the materials please the contemporary estetic taste of demanding and eco-friendly clients.

Cube3 offers products created through modern technologies and artisan finish. A completely personalized project that every costumer can make unique through their own style and needs.
Cube3 is the meeting between craftmanship and design.

Our beliefs


Cube3’s modular sistem can be rearranged to create infinite combinations, that can be reassembled in new ways in order to allow changes in your spaces in a dinamic and ever-changing way. Le stesse possono essere ricomposte in funzione di un nuovo modo di abitare mutevole e dinamico.

Research and Innovation

Cube3 is focused on the sperimentation of new materials and finishes to anticipate new trends. Thanks to our experience in iron work we are able to present functional but estetic and pleasing elements.

Artisan Quality

Thanks to the selection of high quality Italian materials and minimal estetical finish, Cube3 products are timeless.


Cube3 has a minimal and contemporary style so every product can be perfectly adapted to every situation, from home to office, from modern to traditional, to style your own habitat and keep it unique and practical. In addition, the retail world can find in its functionality an answer for an original and design-oriented layout. The available finishes allow endless original combinations, with the possibility of requesting unique and exclusive customizations.


Cube3 is forever: high quality materials and constructive technique guarantee a long lasting product. Thanks to its modularity the created structures can be undone and reassembled depending on the needs.

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